Vancouver 大好きなバンクーバーで過ごした一週間

As I wrote before, I went to Montreal this summer. After staying there for a month, I moved to Vancouver and spent time relaxing, cooking, going shopping and so on for a week. When I was in second grade of high-school, I visited Vancouver for the first time. It was my first time to go to Canada and also, first time to go abroad. I stayed with a Canadian family and had a great time talking and eating with them. After that, seven month later I visited them again. Since then I had wanted to see them but I was […]

Montréal バイリンガル都市モントリオールで過ごした日々

Last summer I went to Montreal to study English and French and stayed for a month. I loved the European atmosphere, also I was very impressed with the bilingual environment; most things are written in both English and French, and also cashiers could speak both of them. I enjoyed every single day studying and going sightseeing. I went to a language school in Montreal. I learned a lot of things and enjoyed everyday classes, but I was always looking forward to walking around the city after school. Here are some memories from my stay in Montreal.   Le Petit Dep […]